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The Basics

I am starting this page to compile as much information about smoke systems as I can and have a resource in one place which will hopefully answer most questions people may have about smoke systems. I am debating as to the format. This page will probably eventually evolve into a FAQ format. Please keep in mind this is only the beginning of what I plan to do here. Check back for continuing updates.

Producing great smoke from model aircraft is no easy task. To get great smoke you need a couple of things, extreme heat and a fluid which will produce smoke when heated. The hotter your exhaust and the hotter you can get the fluid, the more oil you can put to it. The more oil you can put to it the more smoke you get!

The oil is injected directly into the muffler or the manifold, preferrably at the hottest point of the exhaust. Too much oil will cool the exhaust and not produce maximum smoke, not enough oil will not give you the best result possible.

I have found the easiest and most effective system to be the "Simple Smoke Pump" from TME. This system can be mounted on a plate which can easily be moved from one model to another. It is reliable and can pump many different types of fluid. You can visit their website for more information here:


For smoke fluid I use a homemade brew. I mix diesel fuel and automatic transmission fluid. This mix seems to produce good results. I have been told you can't beat the smoke fluid sold over the counter. I haven't had an opportunity to try any so I can't make a judgement from personal experience.